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Favourite books: Mine’s Bigger Than Yours!

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By Celia Powellguest editor and Year 1 teacher

Does size matter? No, says Celia Powell. This book is wonderful for showing children that small people can be brave and achieve great things

Mine’s Bigger Than Yours! by Jeanne Willis, illustrated by Adrian Reynolds (Andersen Press, ISBN 9781842707289), is a new favourite of mine, and is chosen for its intriguing title – guaranteed to appeal to boys of all ages! It’s brief and colourful, with big bold illustrations and plenty of punctuation – perfect for my ‘grammar dance’ lessons. There are also bullying issues to discuss, mathematical comparisons to make, and all sorts of science questions to ponder.

Mine's Bigger Than Yours cover


The story tells of Little Hairy Monster, an engaging green creature with a worried expression. The latter is probably due to the large Scary Monster that is following her around, trying to steal her lollipop. Scary Monster threatens kicking, tripping, scratching, shaking and biting (just a normal day in the playground, wouldn’t you say?). But Little Hairy Monster tells him to pick on someone his own size and has an ace up her sleeve – a large and protective mummy.

Talking points:

  • The scary aspect: look at the expressions on the monsters’ faces – can you tell how they are feeling?
  • The threats: how many are made? Which threat is the most worrying?
  • How does Little Hairy Monster deal with the problem of Scary Monster? Is this what you would do? Why/why not?
  • Why does Scary Monster think it’s acceptable to behave like this?
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