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5 ways with… sticky notes

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Badges, a computer tool and origami – a simple sticky note can be surprisingly versatile…

A girl thinking with a post-it on her forehead

Play a quick guessing game with the help of sticky notes

1. Tell me, show me

There are many ways to assess if children are grasping an instruction or task and the traffic light system is one such way of finding out. Jazz up this assessment technique by using funky sticky notes, instead of plain coloured card. Children will see that their level of understanding and way of informing you doesn’t have to be dull or strict. There are a whole host of sticky notes out there, so you can adapt the following ideas to suit what you can find, or customise your own by drawing symbols on plain sticky notes. So, rather than a colour-themed traffic light system you could use a tree or flower to denote ‘I understand’; a jigsaw shape to denote ‘I’m not sure’ and a question mark to denote ‘I don’t understand’.

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