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Christmas poetry presents

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By Paul Cookson, Literacy Time PLUS Poet-in-residence

Here we are then, getting towards the end of a busy term and thinking about Christmas. I thought I’d give you a couple of Christmas poems that are not only fun for reading out loud but which could also work well as introductions to your own poetry workshops …


Both of these poems appear in my collection Funny Poems For Christmas (Scholastic, 9780439944106). Literacy Time PLUS is offering you the chance to win a copy of this book by helping us to write a shared Christmas poem (see below).

Ideas for the classroom

Take Note…

This poem is about leaving a note for Santa and – more surprisingly – receiving a note from Santa about what he would like. Why not write a list poem of your own, called CHRISTMAS WISHES FOR … about particular items that someone might want for Christmas – maybe a teacher, a footballer, mum, dad or even the dog, cat or hamster. The things on the list don’t have to be “physical” – for example, mum might want peace and quiet, teachers may wish for extra holidays.

Chrismixed-up Mum

This is about mum getting things mixed up in all the hustle and bustle of Christmas time. Why not write a list of things that different people have to do at Christmas and then mix up the endings?

Take Note…

I emailed Father Christmas


With this year’s Christmas list

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