Transport Challenge

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By Christina Bakerwriter and educational journalist

Buckle up for a fantastic interactive transport game. Ready, set, go!

Illustrated map of Great Britain

One of the most famous journeys through Great Britain runs from Land’s End, Cornwall, in the southwest, to John O’Groats, Caithness, in the northeast. The distance between the two points (as the crow flies) is around 603 miles (970km). The distance by road is 874 miles (1400km) and the journey has been undertaken (often for charity) on foot, by bicycle, motorbike, car and using public transport.

Inspired by this journey, ‘Transport Challenge’ is our new interactive game. It is designed to be a starting point to help children learn about transport, as well as consider important issues surrounding travel. These include:

Modes of transport: Understanding the different options available: car, bus, train, tram, bicycle, lorry, plane, ship and travelling on foot.

  • Time: The need to travel efficiently, bearing in mind the time the traveller needs to arrive at a destination and the different transport options that will get them there by that time.
  • Cost: The need to budget for a journey.
  • The environment: Looking at forms of transport that do the least damage to the environment, such as walking or cycling, or understanding why travelling by bus or train is better for the environment than travelling by car.
  • Safety: The need to travel safely, for example,wearing protective gear when cycling or a seatbelt in the car and never accepting a lift from a stranger.
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