What’s the weather like today?

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By Nina Filipekfreelance education writer and supply teacher

Find out what the weather’s like where you live with these atmospheric activities

Child looking at weather out window

Weather station

Turn your role-play area into a weather station. Display a large outline map of Great Britain on the wall or on an easel. Download the Weather symbols activity sheet and encourage the children to colour them in. Mark the location of your setting on the map and encourage the children to attach the weather symbols to the map with Blu-Tack® or Velcro® according to the day’s weather.

Suggest that the children guess what the weather will be like tomorrow and role play being weather forecasters. Next day, find out if their predictions were correct!

Display photographs representing the different seasons. Cut out pictures from newspapers and magazines showing different types of weather and display these in a weather book or on the walls.

Suggested resources

Weather symbols activity sheet ; child scissors; simple map of Great Britain; coloured pencils or felt-tipped pens; Blu-Tack® or Velcro®; photographs of the seasons and extreme weather.

Dressing for the weather

Choose an outfit to wear

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Development matters: seek to do things for themselves, knowing that an adult is close by ready to support and help if needed (22-36 months); show willingness to tackle problems and enjoy self-chosen challenges (30-50 months).

Early learning goal: dress and undress independently and manage their own personal hygiene.

What you need

Group size: small groups.

Selection of dressing-up clothes to suit different seasons and types of weather, including hats, scarves, raincoats, woolly hats, gloves, wellingtons, sunhats and sunglasses; two children’s suitcases; luggage tags.

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