High winds

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By Nina Filipekfreelance education writer and supply teacher

Get blown away by these windy activities

Boy and kite

Blowing in the wind

On a windy day, ask the children to put on their coats and take them outside to experience the wind. Take a kite, a balloon on a string, paper streamers and windmills for the children to run around with. Encourage the children to run into the wind and then run the opposite way with the wind behind them. Talk about what the wind feels like.

Explain to the children that we cannot see the wind, but we can see what the wind is doing, for example, blowing leaves around.

Every day for a week, invite the children to hand wash some doll’s clothes and put them outside to dry on a washing line. Encourage the children to find out for themselves if the clothes will dry best on a rainy day or a windy day.

Large outdoor area; kite; balloon on a string; paper streamers; windmills; doll’s clothes, hand-washing powder; outdoor clothes line.

Bird wind toy

Make birds from craft materials to fly outdoors

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Designing and Making

Development matters: begin to try out a range of tools and techniques safely (30-50 months); construct with a purpose in mind, using a variety of resources (40-60+ months).

Early learning goal: select the tools and techniques they need to shape, assemble and join materials they are using.

What you need

Group size: small groups.

Small, clean, fromage-frais pots; clean lolly sticks; strips of multi-coloured tissue paper, streamers or narrow gift ribbon in different colours; craft materials for decoration, such as feathers, sequins and buttons; yellow card; glue; scissors (adult use); sticky tape.

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