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By Narinder Dhamiauthor

Author of the popular Bindi Babes series reviews a selection of books for girls

Narinder Dhami

Narinder Dhami, author of the popular Bindi Babes series of books

Being Impossible by Hiawyn Oram (Orchard, £5.99 PB)

Being impossible by Hiawyn Oram

A new book by the brilliant and versatile Hiawyn Oram is always cause for celebration. Logan is experiencing a family crisis – her mum is in Australia, and her dad, a musical genius, might as well be thousands of miles away too, as he’s so distant and unapproachable. Meanwhile, stern Mrs Everett and her child-hating parrot have moved in to run the household. Logan responds by deciding to become impossible, but then she meets someone truly impossible – a talking cat named Tiff, who can also play the piano. An unusual, warm-hearted book with characters that come alive.

Suitable for: girls; older readers; more able readers

Magic Tree House: Mammoth to the Rescue by Mary Pope Osborne (Red Fox, £3.99 PB)

Magic Tree House: Mammoth to the Rescue by Mary Pope Osborne

‘Has sold 30 million copies worldwide!’ boasts the blurb on the back cover of the seventh book in this US series. Annie and Jack have discovered a mysterious tree house filled with the library of the legendary Morgan le Fay, and they can magically travel to any place in the books simply by pointing at the picture. In Mammoth to the Rescue, Annie and Jack end up in the Ice Age, meet Cro-Magnon man and get chased by a sabre tooth tiger. This is a jolly romp with simple language and appealing subject matter, but thirty million? The mind boggles…

Suitable for: girls; boys; younger readers; reading aloud

It’s a 50/50 Thing by Chris Higgins (Hodder, £5.99 PB)

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  1. lillia
    on 1 February 2011

    narinder dhami

    Narinder is such a good writter i would definetley reccomend her to anyone!!!!!