Intermediate assemblies

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By Zoe Leafreelance education writer

So, you’re more than a beginner but not quite at the advanced stage—yet. Sounds like you need some intermediate assembly plans

Assembly 1


Love your neighbour as yourself.

You will need

Props for telling the story, such as scarves, banners, hats and puppets.

Teacher holding up football scarf


Begin by talking about how we treat each other and how it’s important to be kind and helpful. Discuss the phrase, ‘Love your neighbour.’ What does it mean? We think of neighbours as the people who live next door to us, but our ‘neighbours’ are everywhere. Tell the children that the person sitting next to them right now is their neighbour!


Discuss with the children that although we know how we should treat each other, sometimes it can be difficult. Explain that you are going to tell a story about two football fans: one is a red supporter and one is a blue supporter (the sport can be adapted to suit the children’s interest). Ask the children to listen to the story and think about how the people in it treat each other.

Story script

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