The new school year

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By Brenda Williamspoet

Use a back-to-school poem to help stir up excitement at the start of a new term

Schoolchildren illustration

It’s important to create a warm welcome for children starting, and returning, to school after the holidays, as it ensures that they feel confident their arrival is a special occasion. The start of a new school year or term is the reunion of a school community and a time to celebrate togetherness. While the shape of ‘The new school year’ poem (see Activity sheet , ‘The new school year’) represents a school building, the reader soon discovers that the structure of the poem symbolises the school, not just as a building, but as a whole community.

1. Behind the school gates

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  1. Helen Swift
    on 6 September 2015

    Start of Term

    Thanks for that. Will definitely use with Year Five.