Packing for the seaside

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Use the poem ‘Packing for the seaside’ as a basis for some summery literacy activities.

A girl looking out to see

Begin by reading the poem Packing for the seaside to the children. Discuss the items in the poem with the children, making sure everyone understands what all the items mentioned are. Read the poem a second time, emphasising the stresses and pauses.

Activity 1: What would you take?

ELG: Use and understand recently introduced vocabulary during discussions about stories, non-fiction, rhymes and poems and during role-play.
ELG: Demonstrate understanding of what has been read to them by retelling stories and narratives using their own words and recently introduced vocabulary.

What to do

  • Provide the children with the worksheet What would you take? and discuss with them the items and objects shown.
  • Ask which of the items they would want to take with on a summer beach holiday.
  • Help the children to draw a line between each of their chosen items and the word that represents it.
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