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Real or imaginary?

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By Kay Clifford— Early Years Leader and adult tutor

In this interactive game, the children are invited to read several character descriptions, and to decide whether each person is a real-life hero or heroine or a fictional one. Confident Level 2 readers should be able to read the descriptions independently. Less able readers may need some support.

Real or imaginary

Before playing

  • Talk about heroes and heroines that the children already know.
  • Which of the heroes and heroines they identify are real, and which are fictional characters? How do they know this?

Playing the game

  • This is a game for two players.
  • First, decide which player is going to look for real heroes/heroines and which player is going to look for fictional ones.
  • Decide who will go first.
  • In the centre of the screen is a list of heroes and heroines. Player 1 must choose the name of a person who they think fits their category, then drag and drop that name to form a list on either the helicopter rope ladder (if it is a real hero or heroine) or on the trellis on the castle tower wall (if it is a fictional hero or heroine). There are six names in each group.
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