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By Bev HarroldReception teacher and early years consultant

Get in high spirits with these feel-good-factor activities

girl with happy and sad faces

Activities 1. Smile 2. Look at me! 3. Happy music

1 Smile

Encourage the children to understand happy feelings

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Managing feelings and behaviour

Early learning goal: children talk about how they and others show feelings [...]

What you need

Group size: whole group.

List of activities, with a box next to each one; ‘Smiley tokens’ activity sheet; three or four smiley tokens for each child, with the children’s names written on the back of each one.

What to do

Download the activity sheet and copy enough times to create three or four tokens for each child. Write the child’s name on the back of each smiley face.

Invite the children to sit in a circle, then play ‘Pass the smile’. Begin by smiling at the child next to you and encourage them to smile at the next child, carrying it on around the circle. Talk about how you feel when someone smiles at you.

Give each child three or four smiley tokens with their name on. Explain that these are to show which activities they like and make them feel good. Encourage the children to think about which activities they enjoy and then place a token in the box next to that activity. At the end of the session count the tokens to identify the children’s favourite activities. Who enjoys being in the role-play area? Who likes to play in the sand tray? Which was the most popular activity?


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  1. Mrs Fiona Child
    on 2 February 2016

    The Body

    Hello, I have just came across your resources. I think they are very well made and look fun. I particuly like the My Body Sheet where the child can name each part. This can also be used for word matching. I will be adding your email page to my list of resources. Like the free stuff too. (its very kind of you) I work as a creche worker and also a playwoker the smiley tokens, I can use for the children with autism aswell.