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By Jenny Morriswriter and teacher who has run her own nursery school

Focus on using reading to celebrate and explore cultural, personal and local identities. My Two Grannies by Floella Benjamin and Margaret Chamberlain fits the bill just perfectly

My Two Grannies

My Two Grannies

When Alvina’s parents go away on holiday, her two grannies come to look after her. Both the grannies want to care for Alvina in their own way and they argue over who should do what. Alvina cleverly works out a solution to the problem by suggesting that Granny Vero and Granny Rose take turns, day by day, to do everything. Alvina then has the benefit of learning about two different cultures because each granny comes from a different country.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Granny Rose and Granny Vero argued over who would look after Alvina while her parents were away. Talk about what sort of things the children argue about and how they settle their disagreements.
  • Alvina didn’t want to upset either of her grannies with their plans, so she suggested her own ideas. Encourage the children to talk about what upsets them.
  • When her parents returned, Alvina told them how Granny Rose and Granny Vero had both made her feel very special. Ask the children to talk about what and who makes them feel really special.
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