Anti-Bullying Week 2020: United Against Bullying

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By Lorelli Mojica

Explore the sensitive theme of bullying through stories, rhymes and play.

Children sharing a toy

Anti-Bullying Week provides a great opportunity to explore the issue of bullying with your children. The following activities provide simple ways to help children to understand acceptable and unacceptable behaviours and also explain difference, uniqueness and acceptance in a way that young children will understand.

Odd Socks Day

No need for 'mean' poem

Introduce Anti-Bullying Week with an ‘Odd Socks Day’. Invite parents to let their children wear two different socks to celebrate uniqueness in a positive way. Read the poem ‘No Need For ‘Mean’’, inviting discussion about the types of socks that children like to wear. Talk about and celebrate the different patterns, colours and pictures on the children’s socks.

As an independent activity, have prepared pictures/photos of odd socks. Have available the real versions of the same odd socks in a tray. Invite the children to match the actual socks to the odd socks pictures by pegging the socks to the pictures.

Take photos of the children’s odd socks and print them out. Have the photos available for the following day and invite children to talk about the socks – can they remember whose socks were whose? Model and encourage children to say what they like about the socks.

I Can Dance

Subject > EYFS Area of learning > Personal, social & emotional development > Building Relationships

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