Talking about the coronavirus with children

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This article contains resources and activity ideas aimed at helping children who have recently returned to school.

social distancing in the classroom

Talking about the coronavirus


Do you need advice on how you can discuss the coronavirus with your class? In this free resource, Child psychologist Laura Saunders, Psy.D., ABPP, explains what to say and how to address children’s anxieties.

The article 5 Big Questions about Coronoavirus is perfect for older children – it explains what you need to know about the new illness and how to stay healthy. Ask your children to read the article and then answer these questions:
  1. How are people trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus?
  2. Compare and contrast coronavirus and the flu. How is the coronavirus similar to the flu and how is it different?
  3. Explain what Dr. Denison means when he says “Viruses are like a big family.”
You can also show children this video that focuses on how the the immune system works. Ask children to answer these questions after they have watched the video:
  1. What is an immune system?
  2. What three things is an immune system made up of?
  3. How many white blood cells are in one drop of blood?
  4. What can you do to stay healthy?
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