Philosophy: What does ‘time’ look like?

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By Sue Cowleyeducational author and trainer

Help develop thinking skills with this month’s ‘philosophy in pictures’ theme

a clock

Explore philosophical notions of time with children

Teachers are all too aware of time: how much time for the children to do an activity; how long until the end of the lesson? Children, meanwhile, are often blissfully unaware of time passing, particularly when engrossed in a task. Our perception of time is elastic – when we are young, it seems to take forever to pass, whereas when we grow older it passes all too quickly. In this article, you will find lots of ideas for exploring philosophical notions of time with children.


  1. What does time look like?
  2. Can you turn back time?
  3. Proverbs about time
  4. Our perception of time
  5. Why do we measure time?
  6. Past, present, future
  7. A time for everything – exploring fate
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