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By John Davisteacher and freelance writer

Explore Japan’s largest and most hi-tech city

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo is situated on Honshu – the largest of the islands that make up Japan. After being devastated by earthquake and fire in 1923, as well as bombing in World War II, it has been rebuilt to become one of the world’s leading economic centres.

Tokyo was originally called Edo, meaning ‘gate of the river’, as it stands at the mouth of the Sumida River. It first became a centre of government in 1603 and is now the most populated city in the world. In 1868, Japan’s capital was moved from Kyoto to Edo. Edo was renamed Tokyo, meaning Eastern Capital.

Tokyo is made up of 23 special districts or wards, each an administrative city in its own right with a mayor and ruling assembly. The seat of the Japanese Government is in Tokyo. Tokyo is also the location of the Imperial Palace (see picture, below), the home of Emperor Akihito and members of the Japanese royal family.


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