Busy Bodies Everywhere
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By Lorelli Mojica

Babies bodies are busy from birth. Whether they are working hard to focus on that familiar face or object, reaching out for their favourite toy or trying to lift their head to see where that interesting sound is coming from, sensory information plays a huge part in helping babies learn how to use their very busy bodies.

baby's hand

Activities in this article:

  1. Reach out
  2. Where’s the baby?
  3. I’ve got a body
  4. Which one?
  5. Hello to you
  6. Sounds good
  7. Book bands

Reach out

Help baby’s eye co-ordination as their gaze follows brightly coloured scarves that float in the air.

EYFS Area of learning > Physical development > Motor Skills > Gross Motor Skills

Related Learning:
  • To strengthen fine motor skills as they pull, pick up, or grasp the scarf in different ways.
  • To develop eye co-ordination as baby follows the coloured scarves with their eyes.

What you may need:
Selection of brightly coloured lightweight scarves.

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