Magical Mud Kitchens

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By Sara Fox

With misty mornings, the smell of bonfires, shimmering cobwebs and the changing colours of the leaves, autumn is certainly a time of year when mother nature waves her magic wand. With magic in the air, this is a perfect time for young children to learn and play in a mud kitchen.

The type of mud kitchen you choose will depend on your outdoor environment and indeed your budget. However, I would like to focus upon a mud kitchen that blends in with the natural environment and gives young children the opportunity to connect with nature and ignite their imagination.

mud kitchen

Log Ovens for Making Mud Pie Feasts

A rustic style oven can be made from a hollowed out log and if you can purchase one of these or your wood carving skills will stretch to it, that’s great. However, a collection of logs and stumps may be all that you need to make your Magical Mud Kitchen. Split logs can be used to make a flat surface. These can be balanced upon smaller horizontal logs to make a table on which pots and pans can be placed. Log mats can be used as hobs and stumps can be used for children to sit on.

Alternatively, wooden crates can be used, either stacked to make a table or placed on their side with small wicker baskets attached for the storage of ingredients.

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