Splatter science

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By Nick Arnold — Author of the Horrible Science series. Nick’s website nickarnold-website.com features downloadable horrible experiments

Boys love grim and gruesome things. Nick Arnold shows you how to abandon traditional science lessons and embrace the gory bits


Like good cooking, good lessons depend on preparation. Boys respond best if they are taught with confidence, so it helps to have facts at your fingertips – horrible facts! Jot down grisly information from books or magazines into a ‘foul facts notebook’, organised under topic headings. You’ll soon have a foul fact for every lesson.

Illustration of man swinging bucket of water over head

Grab their attention

There’s no need for indoor fireworks or a mad scientist costume. Try a killer fact from your collection presented along the lines of ‘Bet you never knew that…’ Or do a practical demonstration – something quick, grisly and visual is sure to get your class riveted right from the start.

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