Pinocchio activities

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These brilliant activities can be used on their own or combined in order to create a scheme of work that fits around your reading of The Adventures of Pinocchio.

Pinocchio puppet

  • Background of the story
  • Activity 1 – Pinocchio
  • Activity 2 – Magical devices in fairy stories and folk tales
  • Activity 3 – Creating exciting and memorable characters
  • Activity 4 – If only…
  • Activity 5 – Puppet theatres


    Carlo Collodi was the pen name of Carlo Lorenzini (1826 to 1890), an Italian journalist who lived in Florence, Italy, during the late 19th century. Initially, The Adventures of Pinocchio was serialised in a children’s magazine, but his relaxed style and engaging characters quickly fired the imagination of children and he was encouraged to complete the series as a book.

    The Adventures of Pinocchio is a story about an animated puppet. It was first published in 1883 and, as an allegorical story, Collodi intended that the characters and events should be accepted as representing a moral or ethical meaning. It is also a cautionary tale, in that essentially, Pinocchio’s disobedience often leads him into trouble, and the consequence of his frequent telling of lies, is that each lie makes his nose grow longer and longer. However from this basis, Collodi, then sets out to provide many lessons for children, about resisting the temptations which may lead to misadventure, and which gradually lead to Pinocchio’s transformation into a real boy who has learned from his experiences.


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