Caitlin the Caterpillar activities

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By Carol Sayah

Caitlin the Caterpillar is a brand new story that looks at themes such as minibeasts, life cycles and friendship. In the following activities we look at the opportunities the story provides for physical development, focusing on movement and dance!


The insect ball

Read the story once through and talk about the ways in which the different minibeasts move.

Standing in a circle, call out a minibeast and invite the children to perform the corresponding dance.

Encourage them to waltz gently on their tiptoes without a sound like the ladybirds, to bend their knees as they wiggle their bottoms like the bees, to stretch up high as they leap like grasshoppers and point their toes upon landing and to whirl round with their arms outstretched just like the dragonflies. Explain that Caitlin is very special because she has two dances- she sways to the left and right as a caterpillar then glides gracefully as a butterfly.

Once your group have perfected these movements they will be ready for the other activities.

Give each child or group of children an insect cue card and explain that you’re going to read the story again. This time, when the children hear their insect, encourage them to stand up and move in the appropriate manner, acting out the story as you read it.

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