The Gunpowder Plot

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By Janice Hamilton a deputy headteacher and associate literacy teacher.

Remember 400 years of Guy Fawkes with a selection of exciting cross-curricular activities


Four hundred years ago, Catholic people were very angry, as the protestant King James forbade them to worship in their own churches. A plot to get rid of the King by destroying the Houses of Parliament was led by Robert Catesby and friends. They commissioned Guy Fawkes, a mercenary and explosives expert, to help. On 5 November 1605, while hiding in the cellar of a house waiting to light the fuse, Fawkes was arrested. Later, he and the plotters were all hanged.

These activities focus on an important historical event that is beyond living memory. This year is the 400th anniversary of the day conspirators tried to destroy the Houses of Parliament. The association with bonfires and fireworks open up many opportunities for crosscurricular activities for children to enjoy.

Remember, remember

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