Adjectives and Adverbs (Literacy)

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By Fiona Freer a primary teacher in Devon.

Quick and easy activities to help children extend their vocabulary

house of words

1. House of words

You will need: photographs of houses from magazines, including some that are in need of renovation; a list of words to describe houses for each group; sticky notes.

Show the children a list of words that could be used to describe houses. Try to include unfamiliar adjectives, such as rickety, derelict, airy, spacious, sumptuous, decrepit, overgrown, draughty, luxurious, cosy, homely, welcoming, palatial, gloomy and well-built. Go through the list together, decoding the words and discussing their meanings. Can the children add any others?

Give each group several photographs of houses. They must match the adjectives to the different houses, writing these on sticky notes and sticking them on to the correct photograph. Point out that they can use several adjectives to describe one house. Model a sentence for them, putting commas between the list of adjectives.

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