Acting up! (Ideas for a fun literacy week)

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By Jean ClinchFoundation Stage co-ordinator

Making a drama – develop creative and imaginative thinking with a week of literacy activities


Throughout this week of activities, the children will be creating a short improvised role-play which can be performed in front of an audience. By being flexible with the use of time, the children have the opportunity to develop ideas, rehearse and refine them, resulting in higher quality work and a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Day 1

Shared work

NLS objectives: T2, T9 (Y1); T2, T7 (Y2)

As a warm-up, begin the lesson with a fun role-play game. Sitting in a circle, ask the children to think of a person they could pretend to be and a place where this character would like to be. You may want to suggest to the children that they think of book characters and scenarios at first, then broaden out to other situations. You might want to provide the first idea as a model for the children. Some examples might include: a woodcutter in a forest; Goldilocks in the bear’s cottage; a zookeeper caring for the animals; or a labourer building a new house. Take the first idea and say:

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