Playful puppets

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By Pauline Kenyoneducation consultant and writer

Create a scene with these brilliant ideas for a puppet theatre


Crazy characters

Creative Development

Being Creative – Responding to Experiences, Expressing and Communicating Ideas

Development matters: begin to use representation as a form of communication (22-36 months).

Early learning goal: express and communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings by using a widening range of materials, suitable tools, imaginative and role-play, movement, designing and making, and a variety of songs and musical instruments.


What you need

Group size: small groups.

Paper and foil plates; paper bags; old wooden, plastic or metal spoons; short sticks; newspaper; PVA glue; wool; fabric scraps; trimmings; sticky tape; pencils; felt-tipped pens (spirit); scissors; pictures of people and animals.

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