Mixing it up

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By Lorraine Frankishan early years tutor and NVQ assessor.

Original article published 21 May 2008

Young children learn best through hands-on experience. Use your art and craft area to experiment with messy resources

Messy play
  1. String and wool painting
  2. Soap snow
  3. Mashed paper

Art and craft

Having a choice of activities and materials helps children to become independent learners, while making their own decisions. These principles are especially important when considering art and craft activities, together with the belief that it is the process that is important rather than any predetermined end product. Preparation and the organisation of materials are key to the success of your art and craft area. An uncarpeted floor with a sink is ideal, but if this is not available, put down polythene sheets and provide soapy water in a bowl.

Use cupboards, shelving units or screens to form a bay to help the children understand that messy activities should be contained within that area.

Encourage the children to take care of the area and give them access to sponges, mops and brushes so that they can clean up when necessary.

Suggested resources

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