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By Hilary White

Sounds are all around us – and developing an awareness of sound is an important part of a young child’s development.

Try these fun, creative and stimulating activities with your children and help them to explore everyday sounds as well as the sounds made by musical instruments, animals and people.

And once you’ve had a read through, don’t forget to look at the additional resources that go with the article. Hilary White has put together some brilliant extension ideas , ways to continue the learning at home , and extensive planning, observation and effective practice notes. Don’t forget to check out how this all links in to Development Matters.



PRIME AREA / Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Aspect / Making Relationships

Fill some plastic herb containers with sand and marbles so that some make a loud noise when shaken and some make a soft noise. Make sure you have the same amount of marbles or sand in each container so that one shaker does not sound louder or softer than another. Secure the lids with parcel tape and cover each container with the same coloured paper. Give some of the children ‘loud’ shakers and some ‘soft’ shakers. Can they group themselves into ‘loud’ and ‘soft’?

Put different substances into herb containers, such as lentils, oatmeal, water, dried beans and flour. Can the children match pairs of shakers with the same sound? Pick two different containers, such as oatmeal and lentil. Which do they think sounds louder and softer? Give each child a shaker filled with split peas and explore different ways of shaking it – fast, slow, hard, gently, up and down, side to side, rolling it between the palms, rolling it along the ground. Let the children shake their shakers along to the rhythm of a favourite nursery rhyme.

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