Shape, space and measure

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By Karen Hart

Tried and tested ideas corresponding to the EYFS learning objectives as set out under ‘A Unique Child – Mathematics: shape, space and measure’.

These are all designed as ways of integrating maths into everyday activities. All proven to be lots of fun!

EYFS ? Shape, Space and Measure


  1. Paper Plate Clock Activities
  2. Shape Hunt
  3. Create a Measuring Table
  4. Drama Games
  5. Shape Monsters, Aliens and Robots
  6. Measuring and Weighing Activities

Paper Plate Clock Activities

Learning objective: Uses everyday language related to time.

You will need:
  • Paper plates
  • Split pins
  • Card
  • Number stickers or printed numbers
  • Scissors
  • Help children fix numbers around their plate to form a clock face, starting with the 12, 3, 6 and 9 – no need to be too fussy though. You could use our “Funky numbers” for this:
Funky Numbers
Paper Plate Clock
  • Have minute and second hands pre-cut from contrasting coloured card. Use a split pin to secure hands in place.
  • Add some simple decoration
Let children use their clocks during activities looking at time. Some ideas could be:
  • Showing children how to set the hands on their clocks to match the times of various activities during the day such as: snack time, outside playtime and hometime.
  • Learning ‘o’clock’ times.
  • Letting children play with their clocks during circle-time rhyme times, using songs such as; Hickory, Dickory, Dock, or the following action-rhyme favourite, which is also a lovely one to use as a daily end-of-session rhyme.
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