Hosting a French Day

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By Carol Sayah

Hosting a French day in your setting is a great way to consolidate the vocabulary learnt so far. If you don’t already teach a modern language, it provides a wonderful opportunity to introduce the children in your care to a foreign language and culture.

This sort of immersion technique is proven to have a beneficial effect on language-learning and it’s also loads of fun. Why not get planning – and don’t forget to involve the children in your preparation. That’s a sure-fire way to maximise the impact of your French day.

Preparing for your French day

  • Before you start, decide on a topic which relates to France, making sure it will capture the imagination of your group and the language you plan to cover is useful to the preschool child.
  • Seasonal themes always work well and provide huge scope for presenting lots of new language. Carnival, (February), Bastille Day, (July), and Paris Fashion Week, (Spring and Autumn), are just a few of our tried-and-tested favourites.

Bastille Day

  • Maximise the impact of your French day by involving the children in the preparation, inviting them to decorate your setting with handmade French flags and blue, white and red paper chains.

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