Christmas poem and activities

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By Brenda Williams

Take a look at a poem and activities inspired by Raymond Briggs’ popular books, Father Christmas and The Snowman.

A Christmas Story

The poem on Activity sheet ‘A Christmas story’, was inspired by Raymond Briggs’ two most famous children’s books, Father Christmas and The Snowman. It aims to recreate the magic and wonder of both stories by bringing the characters together in their enchanting flights across wintry skies and in the delivery of Christmas toys.

Read the poem aloud. Explain that this is a narrative poem, because it is telling a story. Like all stories, it has a beginning, with Father Christmas loading up his sleigh, a middle, where the snowman and the boy join him to help deliver the presents, and an ending, where they all return home.

Read our activity suggestions based on Raymond Briggs’ books, Father Christmas and The Snowman .

father-christmas-raymond-briggs.jpg The Snowman - Raymond Briggs

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