Using seeds in crafts

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By Karen Hart

Autumn’s fast approaching, and there’s never a better time to go foraging for interesting natural materials.

In keeping with the season, the following activities all make use of seeds, a great topic to introduce to pre-schoolers


Pinecone owls

You will need:
  • One large pinecone for each owl
  • Cotton wool
  • Large adhesive googly eyes
  • Craft glue
  • Brown felt or similar
  • Small piece of yellow or orange felt
  • Scissors
  • Lolly stick
  • Start by pushing your cotton wool in between the pinecone scales to make a nice fluffy body – use lolly sticks to help with the pushing
  • Cut a pair of simple wings from brown felt and a little beak from a piece of yellow or orange felt and glue in place
  • Fix googly eyes in place Ask children to name their owls and write them a little name label to take home

Weave an autumn fairy loom

These are lots of fun to make, but the real benefit comes from the opportunities for conversations on the subjects of fairies and what you think they might like in their loom. Could they use a spiky leaf as a comb? Or maybe drink from an acorn cup?

You will need:
  • A strong V-shaped twig
  • Yarn
  • A collection of seeds, leaves and seed-pods
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