The Foggy, Foggy Forest

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By Hilary Whiteeducational and craft writer

The picture book, The Foggy, Foggy Forest, makes a great starting point for a range of different activities.

The Foggy Foggy Forest

Combining rhyming text and fairy-tale characters with bright colours and zany activities, Nick Sharratt’s The Foggy Foggy Forest (Walker Books) is simple but clever. Each right hand page introduces a shadowy silhouette with the words ‘What can this be in the foggy, foggy forest?’ To find out, the young reader turns the page to reveal a matching colourful character engaged in a funny rhyming activity – for example, ‘Goldilocks with a box of chocs’, ‘an Ogre doing yoga’ or ‘Cinderella and Snow White in a water pistol fight’.

The mysterious foggy forest is depicted in shades of grey, and if you look carefully, you can see the shadows of each character in the background. Apart from being great fun to share with your children, The Foggy Foggy Forest can also be used as a starting point for a range of different activities. Try the following …

Silhouettes and shadows

Look at the shadowy silhouettes in The Foggy Foggy Forest and compare them with their matching colourful characters. Look at how the silhouettes are a plain grey with no details. Take the children onto the patio on a sunny day to see how their shadows are grey and featureless, just like the shadowy silhouettes in the book.

Help them to explore their shadows. Can they make different shapes with their shadows? Can they make their shadows shorter or longer? Can they separate their shadows from their feet (by jumping)? Can they hide their shadows (by standing in the shade of a large tree or shed)? Can two or more children join their shadows together?

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