Olympic Dictionary Game

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By Alison Milfordauthor and poet

This interactive, ‘Call my Bluff’-style dictionary game allows children to define 30 words related to the ancient and modern Olympic Games. Clicking on a word will give three possible definitions. Choosing the correct or incorrect answer will produce a different sound. A complete dictionary of all the words and definitions, with usual dictionary conventions, is provided as an answer sheet.


Sharing learning and teaching


  • In pairs, think of words related to the Olympic Games. Share the lists and ask for definitions. Discuss creating a glossary or dictionary.
  • Explain the rules of ‘Call My Bluff’ – one word with three definitions. The aim is to find the correct meaning.

Sharing the resource

  • Share read the introduction – ‘How to play’. Note the imperative. Pick out the key instructions to get started.
  • Divide the class into teams, each choosing a spokesperson. Play in turn as a class: each group choosing a word and suggesting a definition, while others discuss if they agree. Give reasons to back up views.
  • Demonstrate how to check answers.
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