EYFS: A Unique Child: 1.2 Inclusive Practice

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By Jane Colerecently retired Foundation Stage regional adviser and currently an early childhood consultant.

This month we look at Commitment 1.2 Inclusive Practice. The focus is for practitioners to ensure that every child and their family feels valued and respected and to make sure that they are not discriminated against

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A place for everyone

Can you remember what it was like when you first walked into your school as a child? Can you remember what it felt like to ring the doorbell and go into your current setting for the first time?

Over time, we become familiar and comfortable when we know a place and the people in it. We know the routines, the expectations and our role. It is important to put yourself in the shoes of a child or an adult who is not so familiar and may not feel as comfortable as you do now. We need to look carefully at how we welcome people, young and old, to make them feel at ease.

On the Principle into Practice card 1.2, the word ‘diversity’ is used. This is important in terms of this Key Theme, which celebrates the uniqueness of every child. It indicates variety and individual potential. It is important that we show this positive attitude in our work. Some children live in difficult circumstances that can put them at risk. Despite this, every child is entitled to learn and develop their abilities and talents.

Our focus is on the child, but we need to be sensitive and knowledgeable about the circumstances of each child and the community we work in. It is important to continually reflect on your own professional understanding and attitudes throughout your career by accessing training and development courses to keep up to date.

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