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By Jenni Tavenerearly years teacher and writer

Create a display where the children can recall their favourite holidays

Remember when

Holiday memories

Set up a large interactive display area for the children to exhibit a wide range of objects, pictures and artefacts that conjure up memories of family holidays, days out with friends or happy days in your setting. Encourage the children to involve their parents, friends and relatives to contribute pictures, photographs, maps and objects.

Provide a large display board for the children to position their pictures and photographs. Arrange a selection of different-sized boxes to display souvenirs such as pens, badges, costume dolls, mugs and models. Create a place for the children to show holiday-themed collections such as pretty shells and special stones. Use a low-level table for the children to place their photograph albums, or to view digital photographs on a laptop (optional). Help the children to display relevant books featuring places or countries that they have visited or would like to visit. Provide blank tags or strips of folded card for the children to write labels; place names; and comments about the items on display. Keep the display exciting by regularly changing or adding new items.

Suggested resources

Large display area with display boards, display boxes, chairs and low-level tables; commercial and child-made pictures and posters based on holiday memories; children’s collections and souvenirs brought back from holidays or day trips; favourite holiday photographs; digital photographs and laptop (optional); maps, guides and relevant books featuring local or national attractions seen by the children; blank tags and labels.

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Design a holiday-themed floor map with interesting features

EYFS Area of learning > Expressive arts & design > Creating with Materials

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