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By John Davisteacher and freelance writer

Invite your class to make plans for the redevelopment of a town centre

The activities on the following pages challenge children to use their geographical problem-solving skills to discuss ideas for the redevelopment of a town centre. They will need to consider members of the community, and think about the facilities and amenities they need. Activity sheet 5, ‘Westville Town’s community’, shows the initial views of the children in the area and some of the other individuals and groups who have been voicing their opinions on the redevelopment.

Getting started

First, set the scene using the text below:

For many years the town centre at Westville has been looking very much the worse for wear. Shops have been losing money because customers have been attracted to other areas, like out-of-town shopping malls. Parking and other traffic-related issues have further worsened the situation, and the area urgently needs not only commercial development but also leisure facilities.Before detailed plans can be drawn up for approval, Westville Town Council has been seeking the views of all interested parties. These include a focus group from the local primary school, where children are being asked their opinions about the site of their new building, transport issues, shopping needs and recreational amenities. They have been told that they must produce a balanced development programme and should come up with suggestions that fulfil, as much as possible, the requirements of the whole community.

Introduce Activity sheet 5, ‘Westville Town’s community’, to share thoughts and opinions on the redevelopment by members of the local community.

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