Sacred buildings: mandirs

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By Christina Bakerwriter and educational journalist

Discover the wonder of Hindu places of worship

Hindu mandir

Hindu mandirs can provide many opportunities for RE and cross-curricular learning

For many Hindus, a town without a mandir (temple) is considered uninhabitable. Mandirs play a very special role within the religion. Holy scriptures even provide guidance as to their construction.

Hindus believe in a single supreme, Great Power known as Brahman. The many deities within the Hindu faith are different expressions of this Supreme Spirit. Rather than being intended for congregational worship, mandirs are believed to be actual homes for the deities. They are designed to create an atmosphere of spirituality, quiet reflection and devotion.

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  1. Bob
    on 14 October 2014


    Holy smurfs this is great!

    5out of 5
  2. Emily Bird
    on 14 May 2013

    what inside

    i would like to know what is inside a mandir for my project at school

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