Fires and firefighters

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By Rosie Huckleteacher

Fan the flames of children’s imagination this month with our exciting cross-curricular topic about fire.


Fire role-play area (KS1/KS2)

This topic provides a lovely opportunity for a fire station role-play area, which could be further sectioned into an office, a kitchen and an equipment room. In the middle, attached floor to ceiling, you could have a fireman’s pole made from long poster tubes taped together and covered with silver foil.

In the office, children could use a keyboard, phone and diary to book in visits and to log emergency calls. They could use a map to find incident locations.

The kitchen area would provide an opportunity to explore different aspects of healthy eating, and children could design menus. You could set up fitness challenges with sand timers to encourage young firefighters to be active and to develop coordination and gross motor skills.

The equipment area could include dressing up outfits, lengths of garden hose and buckets, blankets and first aid equipment, a cage for rescuing animals, toy cars to set up road accidents, walkie-talkies or play radios, backpacks made up as breathing apparatus, wellies and gloves. Children could make their own fire officer badges or ID cards. You could emphasise the importance of checking equipment regularly and putting it away properly after every watch.

There are many opportunities here to explore mathematical concepts by counting equipment in and out and recording on a clipboard, comparing lengths of hose or ropes and estimating how much water will be needed to fill buckets of different sizes. In addition, you could make up some number ladders for children to practice counting in steps of different sizes. Some rungs on the ladder could be hidden so that children have to try to predict what comes next.

Fire incidents
Firefighting vocabulary
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