Seasonal sea

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By Moira Andrewauthor, poet-in-schools and former headteacher

Introduce alliteration by exploring the seaside through the seasons

Learning objectives

To listen to and enjoy the rhythms and sounds of words; to explore alliteration and to write shape poems in group and/or individual sessions.


You will need

Sea seasons (A3 poster); flipchart or whiteboard; calendar; bucket and spade.

Whole class

Invite the class to look at today’s date and revise the months of the year. Ask the children, Is it spring, summer, autumn or winter now? What makes you think so? Remind them to think about the different weather we can have and any festivals associated with today’s date.

Ask the group to close their eyes and place the bucket and spade in front of them. When they open their eyes, encourage the children to say the first words that they think of when they see the bucket and spade, for example, seaside, sand, holidays, sunshine and so on. Scribe the words on to the whiteboard. Establish that summer is the most likely season for going to the seaside, when the weather is warm.

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