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By Judith Harriesteacher

original article published 11 May 2012

Explore ideas for creative activities inspired by shoes including songs, rhymes, games, printing, design, paintings, rubbings and role-play.

Child with shoes

In this article:

  1. Which is my shoe?
  2. Shoe printing
  3. My shoes are rubbing
  4. These boots are made for printing
  5. Giant boot
  6. New shoes
  7. The elves and the shoemaker
  8. Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe
  9. Shoe rhymes
  10. Design a shoe
  11. DIY sandals
  12. Shoe lace painting
  13. The shoe shop
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  1. lyn Davies
    on 25 May 2012


    What an amazing idea. I was thinking of a new theme for the last two weeks of term,and lo and behold you send me this little gem. I will be using these resources for definite. Thank you