Twizzlecaps find Fairyland

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By Kay Hiatteducational author and freelance literacy consultant

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When David Dean of Romulus asked me to write a set of teachers’ notes for his audio story The Twizzlecaps find Fairyland, I had some initial reservations – would the story be interesting and rich enough to sustain further activities in class? However, his enthusiasm and description of the product encouraged me to give the story a listen. And so I did, and from that very first listening I became one of the Twizzlecaps’ greatest fans!

The Twizzlecaps Find Fairyland

Join the Twizzlecaps on an enchanted adventure

Told over eight episodes – each of which is broken down into small, manageable parts – the story is full of adventure and memorable characters. The voices, music and sound effects all combine to transport listeners into a vibrant world. From the opening storm (with crashing trees!) to the magic of the fairyland, it is impossible not to be caught up in the story. I found myself listening to it from beginning to end. What fun!

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