So many leaves!

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By Karen Harteducational writer

original article published November 2011

Leaves are spiky, round, pointy, hairy, colourful, fun and free! Discover some activities designed to get children thinking about leaves.

Leaf creature - bird

h2(#top). In this article:
  1. Looking at leaf types
  2. Feathery carrot tops
  3. What do leaves smell like?
  4. Leaf rubbings and leafy creatures
  5. Investigating colours
  6. How are leaves useful?

Looking at leaf types

Communication and lanugage ELG: Listening and attention: Children listen attentively in a range of situatations…

This simple activity is great for improving speaking and listening skills. Firstly, organise a space for an interest table, or if space is too limiting for this, a large, shallow cardboard grocery box will be fine for displaying leaves.

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