Baby talk

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By Sally Grayearly years teacher and writer

Enjoy finding out about the different things that help babies to grow and develop

Girl with baby doll

Baby’s nursery

Ask the children what they think a baby needs in order to be looked after, such as being fed, keeping warm, moving around safely, being bathed and so on. Help the children to understand that a baby’s needs change as they grow. Together, make a list of equipment that a baby needs, and remind the children about how much they have grown and how they are more independent.

Using the equipment list as a guide, invite the children to help you set up your role-play area as a nursery for baby twins. Encourage the children to play imaginatively with the equipment, acting out different scenarios related to caring for the babies.

Suggested resources

Role-play area; two cots; two baby dolls; baby bedding; baby monitor; changing mat; nappies; wipes; baby bottles, plastic bowls and spoons; baby toys and clothes; highchair; pram; baby bath.

1 Time to eat

Consider what babies need to eat to grow and keep healthy

Physical Development

Health and Bodily Awareness

Development matters: show awareness of own needs with regard to eating, sleeping and hygiene (30-50 months); show some understanding that good practices with regard to exercise, eating, sleeping and hygiene can contribute to good health (40-60+ months).

Early learning goal: recognise the importance of keeping healthy, and those things which contribute to this.

What you need

Group size: whole group for discussion, up to six children for the activity. Jars and packets of baby food; bananas; masher; carrots; blender; hob or microwave; saucepan or pot; spoons; bowls.

What to do

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