Cross curricular: Portrait of the bard — extended version

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By Christina Bakerwriter, teacher and educational journalist

Explore our favourite playwright


Explore England’s greatest bard

At Key Stage Two, children will benefit from dipping a toe into the mighty (and often daunting) Shakespearean ocean. Being introduced to the Bard, and gaining an understanding of his impact, will hopefully leave them eager to explore the depth of his work later on. Don’t forget, subscribers can also access the Interactive resource, ‘The fame game – William Shakespeare’. The game is a series of clues – pictures, text and audio – that the children work through to guess the famous person. The final slide reveals the person and a biography. All readers can also download Activity sheet, ‘Essential facts – Portrait of the Bard’.


Introduction: Ask the children to discuss Shakespeare and draw a sketch of him. To gain an overview of his life they could explore websites or books or story versions of his plays (see ‘ICT links’, below). Shakespeare4Kidz ( has created child-friendly musical versions of a number of plays, and tours these around the country.

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