Dinosaur poster key

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Use this key to help you identify the dinosaurs on the poster

Plant-eating giants

  • The long-necked dinosaur in the background is a Supersaurus. This dinosaur reached an incredible 35—40m in length.
  • The dinosaur pulling leaves off a tree is a Brachiosaurus. This dinosaur was 26m long and, together with its long neck, could reach up to 16m in height.
  • In front of the Brachiosaurus, with its neck outstretched, is a Diplodocus. This dinosaur was 27m long.

Armoured dinosaurs

  • The larger dinosaur with plates on its back is a Stegosaurus. This was 9m in length. It had a very small head, bony plates protruding from its back, and spikes on its tail.
  • Next to the Stegosaurus is a Kentrosaurus. This was about 5m in height and also had plates on its back, which turned into spikey horns further down its back and tail. It also had spikes protruding from its front hips.
  • At the front of the poster is the most famous of the horned dinosaurs, the Triceratops. It was 9m long (its skull alone was 3m!), and the two horns on its brow were 1m in length. The dinosaur weighed up to 10 tonnes.
  • Grazing next to the Triceratops is a Styracosaurus. The Styracosaurus was 5.5m. It had a 60cm horn on the tip of its nose and a ring of spikes around its head shield.
  • The dinosaur with the heavy-duty armour on its back is a Pinacosaurus. This was 5m in length and had hard, shell-like armour on its back.
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