Cultivating crops

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By Sally GrayEarly Years practitioner and writer

Invite children to discover more about the process of growth with simple planting and gardening activities


Activities in this article:

  1. Dingle dangle scarecrow
  2. Let’s get digging!
  3. Cross-curricular activities

1. Dingle dangle scarecrow

Learn all about scarecrows and make one together using a wide range of materials

Knowledge and Understanding of the World – Designing and Making

Development matters: Begin to try out a range of tools and techniques safely (30–50 months).

Early learning goal: Build and construct with a wide range of objects, selecting appropriate resources and adapting their work where necessary.

What you need

An old shirt and trousers or dungarees; straw; crumpled-up newspaper; safety pins; string; permanent marker pen; buttons; fabric scraps; white or brown pillowcase; floppy straw hat; bamboo canes (if scarecrow is to be placed outside); a book with a scarecrow theme such as Tattybogle by Sandra Ann Horn; the song ‘Dingle dangle scarecrow’.

What to do

Start by sharing a book about scarecrows and singing the song, ‘Dingle dangle scarecrow’. Make sure that the children know what a scarecrow is and what a scarecrow is meant to do!

Explain that you would like some help to make a scarecrow. Work with one small group at a time. Start by stuffing the shirt and trousers with paper, attaching the shirt to the trousers with safety pins and using string to tie around the waist. Add clumps of straw to make hands and feet and tie more string around the cuffs and ankles. Help older children to make a scarecrow face on the pillowcase by adding buttons, scraps of material or by using a pen to draw features. Younger children will enjoy the job of scrunching up paper and stuffing it inside.

Your scarecrow can be a feature of a group display or you may want to attach it to a bamboo cane and place it outside (only in dry weather if stuffed with paper). And, of course, don’t forget to choose a name for your creation!

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