Life in Rome

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By Rosie HuckleYear 4 teacher

Take your children on a trip back in time to Ancient Rome with this absorbing Key Stage 2 creative topic

Roman mosaic

Whether you focus on the experiences of a Roman soldier, look at everyday life in Roman times or explore the legacy that the Romans have left us, the exciting world of Ancient Rome is a fantastic topic to get your children excited about history.


  1. The Empire strikes back
  2. The Colosseum
  3. Salve!
  4. Roman numerals
  5. Marvellous mosaics
  6. Togas to go
  7. Romans as scientists

Key Stage 1

  1. Roman role play
  2. Roman jewellery

1. The Empire strikes back

Start by looking at a map of the Roman Empire so that the children gain an idea of its sheer scale and can start to understand why the Romans had such an impact on our history and culture. You could explore whether any of the names of the Roman provinces are familiar – for example, Britannia, Hispania and Germania.

Children could then go on to look at a map of the UK and hunt for Roman towns.

Castrum was the Roman name for a ‘fort’, and many towns that now have chester or cester in their names are close to or on the site of old Roman forts.

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