World Book Day

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Enthuse children about the power of books as they encounter new lands, languages and experiences through their pages

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Activities in this article:

  1. Awareness and respect
  2. Retell narratives
  3. Story sounds
  4. Number order
  5. Develop curiosity
  6. Compare landscapes
  7. Control and confidence
  8. Express ideas

1. Awareness and respect

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

World Book Day is a great opportunity to introduce young children to different cultures and languages spoken around the world. Make a collection of stories written in various languages as well as dual-language books. You may even be able to find copies of the same story written in different languages. Your local library or local authority language support services should be able to help you to do this. Read the stories together and discuss the shapes of the letters, types of story, location, characters, and so on. Try to search out different versions of the same story that are told around the world. Highlight on a world map where the stories have come from to show how widespread they are, and to indicate that many cultures have common characters and story features. Subscribers can download ‘My First World Map’ from our resource bank.

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