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By Bev Long — Educational Consultant

An interactive text written in the style of a child’s scrapbook or journal. Each page recounts a special day with its own weather conditions.

Easter bunny


If possible, provide some scrapbooks, diaries, memory boxes and mementoes, linked to special occasions, for the children to explore. This could be linked to your history topic (e.g. looking at recounts of evacuees). Explain that the resource is an electronic scrapbook and that it will have short recounts about special days and that each is accompanied by special things the author wanted to keep. Make a collection of mementoes and souvenirs which remind the children of their own days out, holidays or special occasions.

Previous learning

The children should have a basic knowledge of the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts and be used to asking where, who, why and how questions when they meet texts containing information.

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    on 6 February 2010

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  2. Adam
    on 6 February 2010

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